How to buy the best audio-visual hardware for a more productive life

Electronic parts store electronic parts retailer Best Buy is rolling out a $60 price cut for its new line of digital audio-video monitors, bringing the price down to $199.

The monitors feature a built-in speakers and sound bars, a high-resolution LCD screen and two USB ports.

They’re designed to be used with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Nest and more.

The $199 price cut is a bit steep compared to the rest of the world’s prices, but it’s still significantly less than many other manufacturers.

Best Buy CEO Greg Howard told Ars the decision to drop the price was part of a broader strategy to focus on the company’s core business of video and audio.

“It’s a much more efficient way to do business and to get the best value for our customers,” Howard said.

“When we’ve been doing this for a long time, we’ve never had a price cut like this.”

Howard said Best Buy’s goal is to remain a premium-brand for the long term.

“I think the market is growing very quickly, and it is the right time for us to do it,” he said.

That strategy could be a key factor in the success of the new TVs, Howard said, adding that the new line includes more options than ever before.

The new TVs have a higher resolution than other popular sets.

The screens are more detailed and have larger colors, but they’re also much more expensive than their competitors.

Howard also said the TVs are priced the same for most buyers, which makes it easier for consumers to compare prices.

The two new models come with two USB 2.0 ports and two HDMI ports.

The cheapest model comes with a pair of USB 2 in ports, but the two-port version is $100 more than the two port version.

Howard said that the two USB 3.0 cables, which were introduced earlier this year, are also more expensive.

“There’s more flexibility,” Howard added.

“We think the price point will get lower and lower.”

Best Buy announced the new price cuts for the TVs on Wednesday.

“While we continue to build our store network, our commitment to customers is continuing to be high,” the company said in a blog post.

“The new TVs we’re announcing today will be the best and most affordable for our loyal and growing customer base.”

The $299 model includes a 1080p screen, an 8.3-inch touch screen and a 4K LED backlit LCD display.

The HD 1080p model is $349, and the HD 4K model is also $349.

Howard confirmed the HD 1080P models are more expensive, but said it’s because the company is taking a larger share of the market.

The company has been trying to make a big push for the HD model in recent years, and recently launched a TV that looks like a big screen TV.

Howard is confident that with the HD models, customers will be able to get more bang for their buck.

“Our best-in-class HD model is the best in the industry,” he told Ars.

“This is an excellent value for consumers.”

The price cuts are good news for consumers who buy the TVs, and for companies that sell those devices.

The low price points are good for Amazon, which has been struggling to compete with big-name retailers like Best Buy.

Amazon also has struggled to keep up with the surge in interest in the home-automation market, which saw a big spike in interest last year as people started purchasing their own TVs.

The demand for digital audio players has been particularly strong, with many people buying digital sound systems.

But it’s hard to know if consumers will find value in these products, given the high prices.

Howard believes the new models will be good for the overall business of Best Buy, but he cautions that the company needs to be careful about the prices.

“If the price cuts don’t make a difference to your bottom line, then we might be doing a disservice to our customers and to the broader industry,” Howard wrote.

Best Buys decision to reduce the prices is part of an ongoing effort to focus more on its core business, Howard told reporters on Tuesday.

“For a long while, our focus was always to be a great value retailer, and our strategy has always been to be very value-driven,” he added.