Tech firm offers a way to ‘dumb down’ your device to get rid of junk

The makers of an app called Smartphone Junk Removal are rolling out a tool that will help you “dumb your phone down” so that you can remove unwanted apps, contacts, and other junk from your device.

Called Smartphone Removal Tool, it uses a combination of a smartphone app and a software tool to analyze your device, and then you can use the tool to remove junk that has been placed on your phone.

“We think that’s one of the most effective ways to get your device cleaned,” says James Brown, a product manager at Smartphone Remover.

The app uses an algorithm to determine what types of apps are most problematic on your device and then removes them.

The software analyzes a device’s software, and determines if the junk it is looking for is a virus, malware, or a piece of software that is malicious.

The tool then creates a trash folder for each app.

The program will then scan the folder for the apps you have installed and delete any apps that it finds that aren’t compatible with the program.

Brown says that the tool can be used to “clean up any junk that’s been installed on your smartphone.”

The app is free, but it can be purchased in the Google Play store for $2.99.

“You can also try this for free with the Smartphone Tool Kit,” the app states.

Smartphone removal is something that the tech community has been debating for years, and a new version of the tool is being developed for this reason.

However, Brown says there are a couple of caveats.

“The only thing that’s in the tool right now is a tool, not a program,” Brown says.

“And the program is free to use, but you have to make sure that you’re using it to help remove the junk.”

To install the tool, you will need to download the app, then navigate to the Trash folder on your mobile device.

“When you download the tool and open it, you can see the app icon,” Brown explains.

The Smartphone Clean app is the one that’s being released today.

Brown hopes that it will be a tool for people who want to remove apps, but he cautions that there are some limitations to the tool.

“For instance, it can only remove the app that you installed it on,” Brown tells Recode.

“If you installed another app from a different location on your computer, then you won’t get the app back.”

Brown says the tool will work on phones that have the “Secure Mode” feature that protects your device from data breaches, and it will not work if you’re connected to the internet.

“There’s no way to get this to work on other phones that aren`t secure, like phones that don`t have an encrypted connection,” Brown adds.

The Tool Kit will work for “all phones and tablets” with a “Secure mode” feature.

The “Secure” mode means that apps that you install on your devices are protected from data-collection and other threats, and can even be uninstalled from your devices if you decide to.

“It will not be a universal tool, because the tool does not remove apps that are already installed,” Brown told Recode via email.

“But it should be pretty helpful for people that are just looking for a quick and dirty way to clean up their phone.”