When the ice breaks, the NHL takes over: With the new year, it’s time for the NHL to take over…

By now, you’ve probably noticed that every time you turn on the TV or hear the news, you’re reminded of how much hockey is playing out on the ice.

The NHL is now a global phenomenon, and it’s the first time the league has played on home ice.

That’s not to say the NHL doesn’t have its fair share of issues.

There’s the long-term health of its players, a stagnant league, the fact that its TV contracts have been on the decline for a long time and a long-running lockout that has left some teams in a precarious financial position.

There are also the ongoing legal battles between players, the league and players unions, and all of the other issues that are still unresolved.

But all of this is starting to change as the NHL and its owners begin to negotiate new collective bargaining agreements.

So what does the NHL have to say about all of that?

The NHL has made a big move in the last few months, with a new TV deal and the addition of the NHLPA, and the league is clearly looking forward to the new season.

It’s not just a new contract, it really is the first step.

The league is now on a new path and it will take a long while before it is on the same level as the NBA, MLB, or the NHL itself.

The first step is the rebranding of the league, and that’s the most obvious step.

For the first few years of the deal, the word “nHL” was synonymous with the NHL, but it’s not a bad thing, and most of the new logo designs and logos will help to rebrand the league.

This rebrand isn’t going to happen overnight.

The old logo was a bit bland, so it’s nice to see it get a new feel.

There will be a lot of changes, and there will be new logos, but this will be the first real rebrand of the whole league.

The new logo is just the beginning.

There is also a new look for the commissioner’s office, which is the new home for the league’s communications.

There have also been some changes to the league-owned TV deal.

This deal, which was previously worth $5 billion annually, has now been slashed by about 40 percent, from $12 billion per year to $7.5 billion.

It’s a $1 billion cut, but if it keeps going at this pace, it will likely go down to $4.5 or $4 billion per season by 2020.

The most important thing for the new rebrand is that it starts the process of rebuilding.

The most important things for the current logo are the logo colors and the color scheme.

The team colors and logo colors are important, and they will be important for the future, too.

But the league still has to rework its brand, which has been in flux for a few years.

The current logo still includes a lot more information than it did in the past, but the league wants to make sure that its new look is cohesive and clear.

With the rebranded logo, the teams will be able to have a clearer picture of where they stand in relation to the rest of the world, and players will have a better idea of where their talents fit in.

The teams will also be able better see how their players are performing in the international scene, and will be more confident in their ability to compete with the other teams in the league if they can have a more consistent approach to international play.

The players union has a new and important role to play in the reworking of the logo.

It has a lot to do with how the NHL feels about the way the logo has changed in the years since the lockout ended.

It needs to have more diversity and more personality in its logo.

The union has been vocal about its concerns over the last couple of years.

But with this new rework, it is not going to get any stronger.

The logo will still look a bit like the old logo, but with more personality.

This new look should help the league make a stronger case for itself as the top hockey league in the world.

The last thing the league needs is for its logo to be the new standard in sports marketing.

The rebrand should be a step forward for the players, and for the union.

But it also needs to be a long, hard work.

If it is, it might just have to start from scratch.

The next step is to re-brand the players.

That is going to be much more complicated than just getting the logo redesign done, but once the rework is done, it can be done.

The next step for the owners will be to start negotiating the new CBA.

The owners are going to need a lot for a lot.

The NBA, which will now be in its 30th season, has about $18 billion in salary-cap space