How to get the best of neon electron—without buying anything else

A year ago, Neon Electron was a little-known startup whose mission was to make electronic art that people could use to make their own art.

But it was in 2014 that Neon Electrons co-founders and CEO Scott Miller became embroiled in an ethical controversy over the way it uses its $20,000 budget to advertise itself on the internet.

Now, NeonElectron is trying to regain its public image, thanks in part to a new ad campaign that will run in cities across the country, aimed at highlighting the company’s core mission: to provide the best possible online art experience.

The ad campaign, which runs through May 6, will run alongside Neon Electromatic, a video website that offers an overview of the company.

Neon Electronics co-founder Scott Miller has been embroiled in a controversy over how it uses money to advertise NeonElectrons website Neon Electro, a website for digital artists NeonElectronics, a company that helps users create and share their digital works.