The world of electronic battleship games is coming to the big screen

Electronic battleship gaming has seen a resurgence of interest in recent years, with new titles launching on the PC, console, mobile and other platforms.

Now, Canadian developers are working on their own game, hoping to bring the genre to the screen.

Fledgling developers The Flecklefish have created a game about a battleship that can control electronic devices and, when damaged, will send them on an adventure.

“The game is all about finding out where the enemies are and figuring out how to take them out,” said Josh Flemming, the creative director for The Flek.

“It’s an open-ended adventure.”

The Flech, a warship built by the Canadian government, was built in the 1960s and has been a favourite of Canadian military and civilian officials.

Flemding said the idea for the game came about when he and a friend came up with a concept for a computer game that would take place in a submarine.

FLEP is a game that was based on the ship’s operating system, FLEX, which was a precursor to modern versions of the operating system in use at the time.

“That was an open source thing, but it was not open source and so I think it was kind of a weird thing that got me thinking,” he said.

FELDERFLEK has been building its own computer game for a decade, creating and running it on a Raspberry Pi.

The game’s creator, Matt Flech of Flemmer Games, said the game’s name came from an old school Commodore 64 game called “The Fleck” and was inspired by the ship.

“We wanted to make a game where you could just jump on a ship and shoot stuff,” Flech said.

“But what if you could jump into a submarine and then go on an underwater adventure?”

Flech has been playing around with different types of games, and he’s been trying to get the concept down.

Flech Games’ founder, Matt Flemmming, says the game is a platformer that puts players in the role of an AI controlling a battleships computer.

“If you look at the game, it’s not like a tower defense,” Flemming said.

Instead, players are tasked with taking out electronic weapons and taking out enemy submarines.

Flemmer Games was founded by two friends who both work in the software industry.

Fleming said he decided to take a break from the game industry and go back to school, so he could complete a degree in computer science.

“I’m really lucky because I’m a computer science major,” Flek said.

Flek, who has worked in the video game industry for about five years, said his interest in electronic warfare games grew when he was at school.

“When I was younger, I played a lot of games like that, and it was pretty fun,” he added.

Fleck said he’s hoping to take the game to the next level.

“In a lot to do games, we’ve just got to get better,” he explained.

Flelefled games have a few advantages over other platforms: the games can be downloaded for free, unlike some other electronic board games.

Also, Flech and his friends said they wanted to use the PC as a platform.

“People have been building computer games for the PC for years,” Flelefle said.

The Fleenfish is a games developer in Canada and has already been funded on Kickstarter, with more than $50,000 raised so far.

The Kickstarter campaign ends in March, with the final product expected to ship in December.

“Right now, it takes about six months to build a game, but we’re aiming for the summer,” Fleck explained.

The main goal for The New Flek is to bring back the old feel of a Commodore 64 era battleship battle, but with a modern twist.

“This is the future of electronic warfare,” Flemmeber said.

With a modern update, Flemmeber wants to create a “real” game experience.

Fleshed Out Flemperes Kickstarter page has a lot more details about the game.

Fflek said the Fleen is a computer-controlled ship that can shoot torpedoes and mines, but Flech also wants to give players a choice about what kinds of weapons to use.

“So, if you are a sniper, you can use an explosive launcher to get at things,” Fleen said.

And if you prefer to play it with a joystick, Fleen also wants players to be able to use their feet to control the ship by pushing on the joystick.

The video game has a single player mode, which Ffleck said will allow players to play against each other.

“One person on the screen can control one ship, and another person can control another ship,” Fleemmmer said.

He also said the goal of the game will be to get players interested in the