Why Trump is going to ‘dismantle’ the NSA and the National Security Agency

The NSA, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies have been doing something called “dismantling” the NSA.

They have been putting data-mining machines and other electronic equipment in places where people are not supposed to have them.

The NSA is not alone in this.

Every government agency is doing it.

The Obama administration and the Trump administration have both done it.

But Trump has made it his mission to destroy the NSA, which he calls “one of the most valuable assets of our nation.”

He has appointed a former Republican senator and an NSA director who were both loyal to the Bush administration as his new intelligence chiefs.

He has asked former CIA director Mike Pompeo to lead the new NSA.

And he has appointed as his director of national intelligence, a man who has been a Republican supporter of torture and of torturers.

And now, as he is about to begin a new administration, he has just appointed Mike Pompei as his CIA director.

And it is clear from this appointment that the new president is serious about dismantling the NSA for good.

It is also clear from his appointments that he will be willing to do whatever he can to weaken it.

He is going after the CIA director, a former CIA officer who had served in the Bush White House, the former director of National Intelligence, Michael Morell, who was a Republican who served in President George W. Bush’s administration, and the CIA inspector general, who worked in the George W Bush administration.

And Pompei has also been a critic of the intelligence community.

And as a result, Pompei will be a major target of this new administration.

The FBI director is a much less serious target because he has served under a Democratic president and the FBI director was appointed by a Republican president.

The CIA director is the most serious target of all.

The reason Pompeo will be such a target is that he has worked in many cases with the CIA to undermine the CIA and to undermine what it does, as opposed to actually protecting it.

And this is one of the reasons Pompeo is going into this position as a Republican.

He knows that Pompeo would want to take on the CIA, but he knows that the CIA would want Pompeo.

And the fact that Pompei is going in there with an FBI director who has worked for the CIA under the Bush and the Obama administrations is another reason why Pompeo’s nomination will be viewed as a serious challenge.

Pompeo has not just supported torture.

He also supported the Bush-era torture of terror suspects.

He supported the use of waterboarding and other interrogation techniques.

And, by the way, Pompeo said, “The way to defeat ISIS is to defeat al-Qaeda and its affiliates.”

This is the kind of man he would be.

He would be someone who could be brought down.

And by the same token, Pompeis appointment as director of the CIA will also be viewed by some as a rebuke of the Obama administration.

Pompei, of course, is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

So he is a person who has had a chance to look into the CIA’s programs and his views are going to be very, very, careful and very, certain.

He will be very cautious in this regard.

And what will also matter to Pompei are the views of the new CIA director and Pompei’s own views on the role of the U.S. in the world.

This is where things could get complicated.

Pompeis nomination could mean a lot of things.

It could mean that the Trump Administration will continue to do everything it can to undermine U.N. efforts to tackle the global problem of climate change.

It may mean that Pompeis new CIA chief will be the first official of his kind to have the title of “international security adviser.”

The Senate Intelligence panel is also under enormous pressure to investigate the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 election, as well as the Trump team’s potential obstruction of justice.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is under intense pressure to get to the bottom of the Russia probe, as are the Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security committees.

And if Pompei becomes CIA director it will mean that he would have direct access to the Oval Office.

This would be the highest-ranking official in the Trump White House who has direct access.

Pompeia will also have direct and indirect access to every major piece of information coming out of the White House and would be a huge influence on how the White the administration conducts the work that it is doing.

It would be very hard to find someone more important than Pompei in that position.

Pompe’s nomination is not a total loss for the Trump presidency.

It will be seen as a major defeat by Trump and will put the Trump Presidency in jeopardy.

But Pompei could be a real success, if he is nominated to be CIA director by the Trump regime.

This nomination has already been approved by the Senate, so Pompei can take up his new job as CIA director without