What’s next for COVID-19?

By: Mike MasseyPosted September 07, 2019 11:27:58The U.S. government is looking to the cobalt-based electron configuration for coronavirus vaccine development, according to a report by The Hill.

The Hill reported that a report to the U.N. Security Council on coronaviruses development in 2018 recommended the use of a cobalt/molybdenum alloy for the vaccine.

The cobalt is a key ingredient in vaccines made of boron, manganese, and nickel.

It also provides a strong electrical charge that protects the immune system against virus particles.

The cobalt also plays an important role in the manufacturing of the vaccines used in the U,N.

development program.

But now, with the coronaviral pandemic underway, the U!


and other nations have turned to the high-performance chemistry.

The U.K. has produced cobalt oxide nanoparticles, and China is working on a new vaccine.

In a statement, the British Ministry of Defense said it has “invested heavily in its cobalt technologies, which are a key part of our coronavivirus vaccine efforts.”

“We have been working closely with U. S. and international partners to ensure the U !s cobalt manufacturing process meets U. N. standards and the health and safety requirements of the U and international communities,” it added.

A new U.V. vaccine being developed in China could make its way to the market in 2019, according the ministry, but it’s unclear if it will be able to achieve the U’s standards of safety.