Why do people say ‘Electron microscope’? Here’s why

Here are some of the key points from an article by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, in its latest issue of the journal Electronica: The researchers asked 3,000 adults, aged between 18 and 80, to fill out an online survey.

The survey included questions about the types of products they use to read the news, their opinions on current events and whether they were more likely to use electronic signs or not.

The results are pretty surprising.

In the past 10 years, a quarter of the people surveyed said they use electronic sign, but they’re not the only ones: Among those who said they do, 58 percent said they have used electronic sign more than once, compared with 44 percent of those who did not.

Those who said the same for the rest of the population have used the electronic sign less often.

“There’s an increasing body of research suggesting that electronic signs are used more often, and it’s a trend that’s growing,” said study author Shlomo Gafni, an associate professor of sociology.

“People who say they’re more likely are in fact less likely to have been using them.

It’s not because they’re less likely, but because they are more likely not to be using them.”

Gafnei said that the researchers’ results should help shed light on the evolution of electronic sign use.

“It suggests that there are certain trends that are increasing, and the fact that people are becoming more conscious of using them may be an explanation,” he said. 

The new study suggests that people who use electronic devices more often may be more likely than people who don’t to report that they are not using the electronic device. 

However, it is also possible that the change in behavior is just part of the general shift in society toward digital devices.

Gafnea said that people tend to think about themselves as being in control of their lives and are more aware of their own behavior.

“I think we’ve come to understand that the world is moving toward a digital world,” he added.

“We are more comfortable and more aware and less concerned about our physical world.

So it’s not a case of people not being aware of what they are doing.”

Electronica, the quarterly journal of the American Society for Microelectronics, is published by Elsevier.