‘The first one that ever played’ to be played on Israeli-made MP3 player – Radio Israel

A “first-ever MP3-playing device” was played on an Israeli-manufactured MP3 audio player at the Israel-Hamas peace conference in Gaza on Tuesday, a local media report said.

The device was the first ever produced for use by a Palestinian, the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Culture and Sports said in a statement.

It added that it was designed to be “the first in a series of such devices”.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal also told the media the device was being made by the Palestinian manufacturer in the West Bank.

The PA said it hoped the device would help ease tension between the two sides.

“It is our goal to see a permanent ceasefire in the future,” a statement read.

The report said the device’s design was designed by an Israeli company, “a company that was founded and operates in the occupied West Bank”.

“In recent years, the PA has taken the lead in developing and testing technology in the field of technology and is currently the only state that has successfully made and tested a PA MP3 playing device,” the PA said.

It said it would not release any further details of the device.

A second device – a device to be released on Tuesday – was designed in collaboration with the Israeli Defence Force.

The two devices are intended to be used by soldiers on the battlefield, the ministry said.

“A soldier will be able to enjoy a wide range of music that will be tailored to his mission and to his capabilities,” the ministry added.