New Jersey governor signs bill making it legal to pay cash to the NSA via PayPal

NEW JERSEY — New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie on Monday signed legislation making it illegal to use credit cards to pay for the NSA’s electronic spying.

The state Senate voted 54-40 in favor of the bill, which also creates a $20 fee for any business to use PayPal.

Christie has previously said he would oppose using PayPal for payments for the National Security Agency.

“I have signed this legislation because it’s time to start paying for the surveillance programs that are being conducted by our government and I think it’s in the best interest of the state of New Jersey,” Christie said Monday.

Christie also said the state’s financial institutions would need to be licensed by the New Jersey Banking Authority, which oversees New Jersey’s financial services industry.

The agency has the authority to license businesses that are required to report to the state.